Product Review/ Fail: Baby Carriers

Little Love is heavy. He’s a substantial baby. I am a weak, weak person. In my adult life I have always been on the punier side. This makes transporting him a tad difficult when I’m by myself. I can still carry him comfortably enough for short periods of time; when I’m running errands, however, I need an efficient way to shuffle him around.

This is where baby carriers come in—or so I thought. Continue reading


Product Review: Garnier SKINACTIVE Moisturizer & how it helped my postpartum routine

More and more the little things are important to me. I have this joke that no matter what, the second I start doing something for myself it’s like Little Love can sense it and starts crying. I never intended to lose all sense of hygiene (as shown here) but as the weeks after Little Love’s birth I found myself slowly skipping the normal hygiene routine I’d established. Continue reading

Long Lasting Manis for the Lazy (Review of Sally Hansen)

Hello Lovelies! I have always been just a tad obsessed with doing my nails. My middle school didn’t allow us to wear nail polish or makeup, but of course I rebelled. I was shocked by the freedom my high school allowed for that, but as a cheerleader, we weren’t allowed to wear nail polish. So it wasn’t until college I could go crazy-crazy. Continue reading