Things I Wish Someone Told Me: Postpartum Life

There are countless things I wish I knew about pregnancy and postpartum life. So I’ve decided to start a series where I talk about these things. I am basing these posts around my personal experiences and I am not a medical professional. This particular post is Things I wish someone told me: Postpartum Life

So this is the last post for this series as my son is almost 5 months old and I’ve basically caught up. Maybe a year from now I’ll continue with some updates to the series but realistically those will be posts of their own. This has been a fun one to write because I relieved some of the things I felt starting a year ago. A year ago I could not imagine being where I am now with the baby. I knew he was coming but I didn’t know how my body or my life would adapt and what it would all look like. So without any more waiting, here’s what I wish I’d known about postpartum life. Continue reading


The Joys of Postpartum Hair Loss

I’ve always loved hair. Specifically, I love the story hair tells. You might think I mean completely polished, shiny works of art—but no. I mean a college student running late to class with a messy topknot; or maybe a young boy who took a pair of scissors to his curly hair as an experiment. Short, long, curly, straight, messy, kept, whatever the case may be, I think hair plays a huge story. The eyes may be the windows to the soul but hair is the bow on top. Even if that bow looks more like a tassel. Continue reading