Things I Wish Someone Told Me: Labor & Delivery (induction and C-section)

There are countless things I wish I knew about pregnancy and postpartum life. So I’ve decided to start a series where I talk about these things. I am basing these posts around my personal experiences and I am not a medical professional. This particular post is Things I wish someone told me: Labor and Delivery.

As with probably 99.9% of women, actually getting the baby out of me was the scariest part of the whole process. It felt good to be at the end but it was a terrifying realization that this baby had to get out of me one way or another and the options all seemed like the worst pain ever. I knew of the impending pain whether it’d be in the moment with some pain afterward (vaginal birth) or virtually no pain during and an immense amount of pain afterward (C-section) but there were other things I wish I’d known, specifically for an induction and C-section. Continue reading


Panic! At The Costco: Breastfeeding in Public

Before kids. I live in the After Kids era. I am in 0.2 AK. I had 24 years BK. 24 years of my life before children entered the picture. I was so cocky. I’d see a kid wailing in public and think, “Oh that poor mom. Well, never me. I will know all my child’s needs prior to the public breakdown.” I can’t say that all women who plan to have kids think that through their BK years, but I can say that many a women have been there. And any woman AK knows that it is foolish to pretend like your infant child isn’t in charge. Continue reading