Things I wish someone told me: Pre-Pregnancy

There are countless things I wish I knew about pregnancy and postpartum life. So I’ve decided to start a series where I talk about these things. I am basing these posts around my personal experiences and I am not a medical professional. This particular post is Things I wish someone told me: Pre-pregnancy.

I don’t regret my little one coming into the world. I don’t regret it one bit. I love my son and I am so happy I get to wake up to his cute, chubby face each morning. But there are a few things I wish I had known right before I found out I was pregnant. Continue reading


Product Review/ Fail: Baby Carriers

Little Love is heavy. He’s a substantial baby. I am a weak, weak person. In my adult life I have always been on the punier side. This makes transporting him a tad difficult when I’m by myself. I can still carry him comfortably enough for short periods of time; when I’m running errands, however, I need an efficient way to shuffle him around.

This is where baby carriers come in—or so I thought. Continue reading