How to look halfway decent when you get sick (makeup for a cold)

Catching a cold is the worst. It’s exaggerated even more when taking care of an equally sick infant. First, Husband caught a cold, then transferred the cold to Little Love and if finally hit me a few days later. I always look downright awful when I fall ill and have no energy to keep up appearances. Sometimes, you need to look somewhat put together, and having no sleep the night before from congestion makes everything harder. So I decided to try my luck at a simple makeup look. Continue reading


Product Review/ Fail: Baby Carriers

Little Love is heavy. He’s a substantial baby. I am a weak, weak person. In my adult life I have always been on the punier side. This makes transporting him a tad difficult when I’m by myself. I can still carry him comfortably enough for short periods of time; when I’m running errands, however, I need an efficient way to shuffle him around.

This is where baby carriers come in—or so I thought. Continue reading

Life Update: I’m back?!

Welcome back everyone! Thank you for returning after I totally ghosted everyone. I have a (halfway) decent excuse as to why I went MIA in October. I never intended to stop blogging and certainly never wanted to leave without an explanation.

So what was it? Mourning a celebrity death? Dissatisfied wit the election results? Overall discontent with the world? No, none of those. Continue reading