DIY- Easy Infant Burger Costume Tutorial

Well here we are. The day before Halloween and if you’re like me, you’re scrambling last minute for a costume for your child. Actually, I planned Little’s costume over a month ago but kept putting off making it. I’m always a DIY costumer. Growing up that’s how my family did it. One year in high school, my brother was an 80s business man and was a hit (this was before the full wave of nostalgia and rush of social media). But I digress, if you need something easy, cheap and fast, then look no further. Here’s how to make a burger costume for your infant.

Also please note I used hot glue because I’m a wizard with it and have been using it since I was 9. But if you’d prefer to sew, I’m sure that would look much nicer.

First, you’ll need:

  • 4 pieces of tan felt
  • 1 piece of white felt
  • 1 piece of green felt
  • 1 piece of yellow felt
  • 1 piece of red felt
  • A bag of stuffing (I just bought the smallest size)
  • A brown onesie/ shirt
  • Hot glue & hot glue gun
  • Velcro
  • Scissors (preferably fabric scissors)


I started by not measuring the felt rectangles and trying to eyeball it because apparently we don’t own a pencil in this house. Cut out a circle/oblong shape as big as your felt allows. Repeat this monstrosity 4 times. These are your buns


Next, cut the yellow fabric into four strips long ways, then cut 4 squares from each strip. This is your cheese.


Here’s where those scissors that cut special shapes would come in handy. Cut wavy pieces out of your green felt for your lettuce. I ended up with 5 wavy long pieces. I ended up cutting these in half to make them easier to glue.


Next, cut circles from the red felt for you tomatoes. I ended up with around 15. It just depends on how big you cut the circles.


Take two of the circular/ potato-looking tan pieces and lay them on top of each other. Ideally, you’ll trim one of them down to make one piece smaller. Lay the smaller piece on the underside.


Glue all but one side of the bigger piece to the smaller piece. By laying the bigger piece on top, it’ll puff out a little.


Turn your pita-pocket-looking fabric inside out and fill it with the stuffing. Glue down the remaining side.

Your potato bun should look something like this.


I’m not a perfectionist and being that I had no pencils lying around, I’m cool with a wonky bun. But make sure to measure it if you prefer a perfect circle.

Repeat this for the other bun.


Flip the bun over and start gluing the lettuce, tomato and cheese slices how you’d like.


And tada:


Full disclosure, I haven’t finished yet. This is just the beginning. I just wanted to get this tutorial up so other moms could get this started if they wanted.

I need to cut little sesame seeds out of the white felt and glue that to the top.

I’m also going to attach Velcro to the buns and the onesie so I can remove the buns if we need to drive the baby anywhere (like to my parents so he can see his costume). If you don’t need the removable buns, by all means, hot glue that sucker down.

I’ll post the finished product tomorrow!

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I hope this helped anyone in need of a last minute costume for their baby.

If you end up making this let me know in the comments below or on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Haunted days and see y’all soon!


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