DIY: Mini Halloween Wreath for Under $10!

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. Although I must admit that since becoming a mom I’ve become a big ol’ softie. I used to love horror movies and all the scary factors but I was watching some of Carrie the other day and felt so bad for the relationship between Carrie and her mother. What’s a girl to do?! Well, stick to the cutesy-side of Halloween.

I’ve seen so many adorable Halloween wreaths around my neighborhood and was a tad jealous that our household had yet to decorate. Being on a budget, however, I couldn’t afford the beautiful wreaths I saw, so I told Husband I’d spend less than $10 at Dollar Tree.

I picked up these items and got to work: IMG_1744

-1 “ring.” I used this green one because I wasn’t sure if I would stick anything into it. You can also use a branch type of wreath.
-2 12ft rolls of tulle. I used orange because I was going for an orange and black “traditional” theme but you can use purple and green as well.
-1 bag of “glitter vase filler” aka glitter balls.
-1 spool of black glitter ribbon
-2 glittery bats
-1 hanging sign (I cut the last pumpkin off of it).
-Hot glue gun/ hot glue

$7 in total, not counting the hot glue gun I already own.

Making the Wreath

First, I wrapped BOTH rolls of tulle over the green crafting ring. I hot glued every few points to ensure the tulle wouldn’t pop up.


After both rolls, don’t worry, it doesn’t look this sporadic in the end.

Second, I hot glued the bats down, followed by the pumpkin.


Next, I strategically hot glued the glitter balls all over the wreath, in no particular order. I just wanted to make sure I covered any green parts showing through. I also wanted a nice ratio of orange to black.


You can choose to leave the inevitable hot glue strings, as they look like spider webs, or you can clean them up. If you’re like me, you tried your best but a screaming child happened and I did what I could.

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Lastly, hot glue a piece of the glitter ribbon to the back to hang the mini wreath.


Because the wreath is a “mini” one, you may need to cut the ribbon and tie it in a bow or knot to hang.


Ta-Da! I didn’t want to use packing tape to hang it, but I had to improvise. A nail would be better suited.

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Either way, this DIY took me less than 20 minutes, which is perfect for a child who doesn’t yet understand how cool Halloween crafts can be.

Would you try this out? Do you decorate for Halloween? Let me know in the comments below or on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Spooky days and see y’all soon!



6 thoughts on “DIY: Mini Halloween Wreath for Under $10!

  1. such a cute little wreath, i love it! and i love the dollar tree, it is my go-to for any quick and easy DIY supplies! I would make something like this for christmas or any occasion really.


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