One Love- An Ongoing Fundraiser

I was super excited my Texas Strong t-shirt did so well. I’ve always wanted to give back anyway I can and I’ve also wanted to open an Etsy store. A shirt fundraiser seemed like the best of both worlds.
While I was promoting my Texas Strong shirt, so many other tragedies took place in the world and I wanted to donate some of the Texas Strong money to that. I decided, instead, to have an ongoing fundraising shirt.


I made this design with the intention of donating a portion to a different charity every month. In the wonderful event that something tragic doesn’t happen in our world one month, the proceeds will go to a timely charity (i.e. in October, Breast Cancer research).

I also wanted to have more options other than shirts, so stickers, hoodies and baby onesies are also available.

The first donation will go toward hurricane relief for the Caribbean. A history of donations can be found by reading the description in the Etsy listing.

Please check it out and if you have any questions please let me know.

Other designs are coming soon so keep an eye out for those!

Happy days, stay safe and see y’all soon!



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