1 Jumpsuit, 3 Looks!

Ever since my 25th birthday, I’ve fallen in love with jumpsuits. It took a little push and now I just want to wear and own all the jumpsuits.

Before I get into my jumpsuit look, it’s almost the end of the month, and if you’d still like to purchase my Texas Strong t-shirt to help in disaster relief efforts, the link is below:

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You may recall in my What Did I Buy in August post, I purchased a jumpsuit and I planned to write a post centered around it. The jumpsuit is blush toned in some lights and more purple-y in others. It’s strapless (easy to breastfeed in) and made out of soft cotton. I’m not sure it would be in every Ross store, but the best part is I picked it up at Ross for $10!!

Here is how it looks, unstyled:


So I kept my jewelry and makeup relatively the same because, being a mom and trying to get all these pictures in during naptime was a struggle, but ill note with each what I would change.


This was a fun look to do. I honestly would’ve kept everything the same as far as accessories go. The simple necklace leaves room for the eye to draw to the shoes. I wore my high top nikes but this would also look great with Converse or Adidas Superstar shoes.

sport jump full body-1

sporty jump up close shoes-1

As for makeup, I probably would only wear the 5-minute essentials. This is a kind of look you would want to do if you had 5 minutes. The side twisted ponytail really lends itself to that.

sport jumpsuit up close-1

I felt super fierce in this look. I would’ve added more of a statement necklace (actually I would’ve added the hand-me-down choker my mom had in the 70s).

date standing-1

I paired it with the same heels I wore on my birthday, but as I was walking to the bench to take these photos, I regretted that decision. I have a pair of platform-almost-wedges with a black strap and I probably would’ve worn those instead.

date jump sitting away-1

date sitting-1

The jacket for this look was so flattering. I’ve had trouble pairing this jacket with a lot because of its cropped nature but it worked with this jumpsuit. I added a soft red lip to this makeup look.

date jump close up

I’m not going to lie this was my favorite look. I wore it at the end of the day and we lost a lot of daylight so I didn’t get many pictures.

casual standing-1

There isn’t anything I would change about this look. I wore strappy sandals with my denim jacket. My hair was pulled into a low bun and I loved it. It was definitely the most flattering and the most comfortable. I added a muted mauve lipstick over the faded red lip from earlier in the day.

casual close-1

So what do you think? How would you style this jumpsuit? Which one was your favorite look? Let me know in the comments below or on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Happy days and see y’all soon!




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