Product Review: Brite Organix’s Pastel Purple Semi-Permanent Hair Color

I finally did it. I finally added purple to my hair—much to my mom’s dismay. It didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted and I’m not sure if I’ll try again later, but FINALLY, here’s the review for Brite Organix’s Purple Pastel semi-permanent hair color.

Please note this was just for fun. I am not a licensed professional and you probably shouldn’t be doing this at home but oh well!

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You may recall I bleached my hair recently back in May (where has the time gone?!) to achieve this purple ombre effect. Of course I couldn’t get to it right away and the months starting flying by. I realized it was August and my hair hadn’t been toned since May and the brass was real. I decided it was now or never. I also decided I’d go back to my brown natural color in September, if only to give me the push I needed to go through with the color. Well August came and went and I didn’t touch the color.

Finally, one day, I just did it. It’s extremely easy. No developer is required. Just apply what’s in the tube to your hair. My hair had darkened and brassed up in the months that passed, so I was about a level 7 in some places and a level 8/9 in others. I sectioned my hair, if you can even call it that, into 4 parts. With thicker or longer hair, I suggest more. I started on the bottom and tried to evenly coat all my hair.


Source: Peplum and Prosecco

I let the color sit for about 30 minutes, and I would’ve done more but I was terrified of Little Love waking up from his nap before I could rinse it out. I applied it on fairly dirty hair, and by just rinsing it, I knew I’d have to wash it the next day. I think in hindsight I would’ve washed my hair, let it dry, and then apply the product. The way I did it, I think some color came off in the first wash.

The next day after I washed my hair, this is what I was left with:


Because I did the bottom sections first, the top isn’t as vibrant. You can also make it more pastel by adding conditioner, but that wouldn’t have worked with how brassy and dark my hair had become. Also, Brite Organix says the color should stay in for 5-30 washes, depending on your hair. I’ve since washed my hair 3 times and it’s almost completely out.

Here’s what it looked like after the second wash:


I don’t have a photo for the final wash, because I’ve been dealing with a cold, but just trust me that it’s almost out. The fade is nice, however.

The product doesn’t smell at all, which is important to me with a baby at home and breastfeeding. It also didn’t leave my hair feeling crispy at any point. The only downside is it is extremely messy. Definitely be careful where you apply the dye and make sure to use gloves. You may also want to use Vaseline around your hairline, neck and ears.

Overall, I would love to try more of Brite Organix’s semi-permanent line, but I also don’t wish to bleach my hair again. In fact, that was what I liked about the purple. It toned my hair in some areas and made parts of my hair more tonal purple, so it appeared brown in some lights. Brite Organix is based out of Australia, and it took a while to get to the States, which is all the more reason for me to go back to brown.

If you’re looking for a vibrant, vegan, no-smell color, this may be the one for you! I recommend it.

Have you tried Brite Organix? Are you a fan of fun colored hair? Let me know in the comments below or on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Happy days and see y’all soon!


3 thoughts on “Product Review: Brite Organix’s Pastel Purple Semi-Permanent Hair Color

  1. Pam Wilson says:

    Pawpaw says he is not a fan of fun color for hair but he would like to get a trim. He also couldn’t really see the purple in your hair he said well young girls do these things.
    As for me I thought it was really fun and cute. How about pink??


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