Hurricane Harvey Fundraiser!

I’m so excited to announce that I’m selling Texas Strong shirts as a fundraiser for aid to help all those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

I’ve always wanted to open an Etsy shop and while it’s taking a little bit to get up and running, the first listing I have is for a “Texas Strong” t-shirt. The money will go to disaster relief for Houston and the coastal cities along Texas that were in Hurricane Harvey’s path.

You can find the link to my Etsy shop here:

My shop name is DewItYourself!!

I had multiple family members affected by the hurricane and flooding, so I know it’s been a stressful and tense time, to say the least.

I have felt a lot of emotions during this time. I’m so proud of all of the efforts to help. I noticed people really want to travel and assist however they can. I’ve also noticed that tons of funds have been raised already and that’s fantastic.

If you find it in your heart to buy my shirt, that would be amazing! Use the hashtag #DewItYourself and #TexasStrong on your socials so I can see you in your shirts! Spread the word and thank you so much.

Happy days, I hope everyone finds comfort and relief during this time, and see y’all soon!


3 thoughts on “Hurricane Harvey Fundraiser!

  1. Pam Wilson says:

    Marie this is so fantastic!!! I will order one immediately!!
    One suggestion also from Pawpaw: please design one for men!! Take out the flowers & hearts & put in longhorn steer/oil Derrick !!!

    Liked by 1 person

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