What Did I Buy?- August

Too much. The end.

In an effort to reduce on the things Husband and I buy, I’m starting a series for the first or second of every month called, “What Did I Buy?” to help keep me accountable to not spend too much. This does not include basic things we buy every month like groceries and diapers. I’ll also give mini reviews on the things I actually bought to see if the purchases were worth it.

I started this to curb my spending and what do I do? The most. I consciously thought long and hard this month about what I was buying and I still spent too much. Try again for next month, I suppose.

This post is going to be a bit shorter than I would like because my arm is very sore for reasons. I’ll explain eventually, maybe, I don’t know. Nevertheless, it hurts to type right now but I wanted to get this post out so ta-da!

Well we lucked out here because we are officially an old married couple and didn’t spend diddily squat on anything for entertainment. We do go out to eat too much but that’s about it.


Of course, onesies upon onesies. But they are just so cute! It’s end of season so we really stocked up on stuff for next year. Plus it’s always hot in Texas so I’m not too concerned with spending on lightweight clothes I know he’ll wear.

Cat and Jack from Target really has my heart.


Fake news. I wish this was Little’s closet. This is from Once Upon A Child. They have amazing deals!

I bought the Melisa Michelle palette from Ulta and have gotten a lot of good use out of it. I plan to review the rest of the Ulta goodies soon.


I also bought this shampoo from Everyone. I purchased it from Walmart in the “Nourish” variety. I absolutely love it. It really calms my itchy scalp and is sulfate free, so it’s even better!


I bought this dress from Ross. I loved it when I got it. I followed the laundry directions to a T and alas, it’s a top on me. I was only able to wear it once and now it’ll be a tank. That’s okay but that happens way too often with the stuff I buy from Ross.


I also purchased a jumpsuit which you will be seeing very soon!

We prepped for Harvey and luckily did not need it. We were not affected the way it was predicted and we are very fortunate. We will donate a lot of what we purchased (water, canned food, etc.) but please donate what you can: time, prayers, money, food, as this has hit my state really hard including some of my own family.

I have bought a few things for my blog and online presence that you will be seeing really really soon. So keep an eye out!

We also purchased an iMac!!!!!!!! I was elated for this because I had been saving for over 2 years. Over the course of 2 years, I had to continually dip into the iMac fund but both Husband and I’s computers are on the brink of death so it was time. We had help from my lovely in-laws and now we can get more done.

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I didn’t do great but I didn’t do as badly as I thought. It’s a new month so hopefully I will be better.

Do you have any suggestions for cutting back? Are you experiencing the same inclination to minimalize? Let me know in the comments below or on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Happy days and see y’all soon!



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