Never a Dull Moment: Passport Adventures

Sometimes I have these crazy lapses in judgment. Or more like, delusions of reality. I think “oh traveling in a car with a small infant won’t be so bad.” And then it is. About a month ago I traveled around 4 hours with Little Love and it was okay honestly the most exhausting thing I could’ve done to myself. What was I thinking?! A week later Husband and I decided we would take plunge to get his passport.

We’re traveling abroad in several months and we want to have everything in order down to the last detail before we go. Will we? Stay tuned, probably not.

About this time two years ago I applied for and received my first passport. It was my first time out of the country and the traveling was a shock to me, a 23 year old. I can’t imagine the stress it will cause for an infant. Before all that, however, the passport process was such an ordeal. I had to go to multiple offices and attempt to make several appointments before driving to the next county. Once I changed my name, the procedure was much simpler to update it and that was that.

Fast forward to now and let me tell you, securing a passport for a minor is much harder. Both parents must be present (how does that work if one or both have jobs?!) or if one parent can’t make it, the other has to provide an official letter of consent. I get this is to protect the child and absent parent from the child potentially being taken but it still makes it slightly more inconvenient.

Filling out the paperwork and providing the appropriate documents was the easy part. Getting the picture taken of a 4 month old was the hard part.

We walk in to CVS and the worker is called to take baby boy’s photo. Husband being the planner he is, figures he will hold him ABOVE his head to get the photo. I don’t know which government official decided babies can’t be smiling in their picture, but it was a sorry choice.

I guess it’s better than crying, but Little Love chose this day, of all days, to find everything hilarious. As my husband is sitting on the dirty floor of a CVS, hoisting him into the air with my then 4 month old giggling and squealing while I’m doing a song and a dance to get him to look at the camera, it hit me: these moments, while exhausting at the time, are what I’m really going to look back and love.

We then ended up having to drive two counties over, because the county I went to for my passport no longer takes walk-ins due to people like me cheating the system. Oops. That car ride was not fun. But it’s done and we have the passport.

It’s never a dull moment with this kid. And maybe it’s better that way.

Have you gotten a passport for your small child? How did it go? More importantly, how did you survive the travel? Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Happy days and see y’all soon!


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