Social Butterfly to Hermit Crab: help me get out of my rut

Everyone always wants to tell you “everything will change when you have a baby!” I knew my body would change. I was expecting my sleep cycle to be affected. And I was positive my social life would never be the same. I didn’t expect, however, to feel so sad about it all.Lately I’ve felt really down about my lack of a social life. It poses a problem because I don’t want to leave my son and he’s still adamant that the bottle is beneath him. At the same time, however, I need adult interaction. I can only sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider so many times before I’m ready to hear something above a G rating (dare I say, even a PG-13).

As great as my family and friends have been about everything, I can’t help but feel hurt. Let me clarify by saying it is nobody’s job to make sure I feel included or up to date on everything. Most people are very respectful of the time I need to be home with Little Love and don’t want to intrude on that time. I’ve learned that I need to be more vocal in how and when I speak up to my friends and family.

So what’s a mom to do? Well, I plan to find mom and parent groups that Husband and I can attend. Being in our mid-20s means half of the people in our population are getting married and having kids and the other half are still going out and partying. Some are doing a mixture of both. None of this is wrong, it’s just trying to find people that align with where my family is tougher than I thought it would be.

So I’ll pose the question to y’all: where do you suggest meeting parent friends? Also what activities can I do with a 4 month old that is both age appropriate for him and suits my need to have some adult interaction? If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments below or on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Happy days and see y’all soon


4 thoughts on “Social Butterfly to Hermit Crab: help me get out of my rut

  1. Pam Wilson says:

    Querido, nunca triste!!
    Mi Linda Sabrina!!
    When I was in your shoes, I joined the moms’ group @ church. Maybe they have a young mothers’ group or other activity which a lot of young parents are active in, with an eye to nursery school/kindergarten which here have waiting lists for.
    What about your neighborhood association? Check & see if there is an established group of moms.
    Join NextDoor and inquire if there is one or if anyone would like to start one. You could organize one yourself , investigate a space in your community to meet in.
    Marie what about Meetup San Antonio? When I looked it up, there were a lot of moms’ playgroups listed. My friend’s dtr-in-law in Stone Oak had joined one & really liked it. Just look it up!!
    Also I met people too just walking Matt in the stroller in the hood in the evenings. Say hi a few times & just ask about their baby, etc it goes from there!!
    You’ll be meeting many new friends in your life now just by virtue of being a mother. I met my good friend Roseanna in the little league bleachers!!
    You have a beautiful future before you — enjoy!!!!!


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