What I Wore: BIRTHDAY!

I think I’ve made it clear how important birthdays are to me. In my last post, I recapped the only date night I’ve had in 75 years and the outfit I chose to wear to celebrate the day before my birthday. So what did I actually wear on my birthday?That’s a good question. I knew my actual birthday was going to be fairly low-key. And honestly, that’s the only way I would’ve wanted it. After the great fun I had the day before, I was exhausted. I don’t remember doing a full face of makeup and looking as hot as possible taking so much effort. Never mind even though I nursed Little Love throughout my expedition, I had a lot of willing babysitters so I could look and feel my best.

So after the craziness of Dategate, I just wanted to spend time with my family. I had a few errands and typical things to do the day of, so I didn’t feel like wearing anything restrictive.

I purchased this skirt from Forever 21 on a whim because it was dirt-cheap and I have wanted a tulle/lace skirt. It was marketed as a midi, but I pulled it to be high-waisted so it fell at the knee. I typically wear minis, but this made more sense as I get the baby in and out of the stroller, etc.

birthday 2 2

I wrestled for weeks debating on what to pair with the skirt as a top. I thought something flashy and sequin-y would look beautiful contrasted with the delicate lace. And it probably would. But seeing as how my day was much more laid-back, I opted for a simple black tank (one of the $1.90 variety, also from F21).

birthday 2 3

Luckily, my hair fell a bit overnight as second day curls and it was wavier than anything. This matched well with the boho vibe and Madden Girl fake Burks I decided to wear. I recycled the 1970s choker from the day before and tada!

birthday 2 4

As for makeup, I kept it fairly simple. I focused mainly on making sure my skin looked smooth and mascara on the eyes. As I said with the last post, I can do a play-by-play for this look, although this one is very easy, but just let me know.

birthday 2 1

Let me know in the comments below or on any of my socials which look you prefer!

Happy days and see y’all soon!


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