How I spent my Ulta gift card: PÜR Best Sellers Kit Review

I went to Ulta with the best intentions of using my gift card on a Tarte product. After my post on helping me choose what to get, I was set on getting the trio:
984When I arrived at the store, however, they were completely out of the trio set and didn’t have the other Tarte products either. Defeated, I resigned to ordering it online UNTIL I saw the Best Sellers Kit from PÜR Cosmetics.

I’ve written about PÜR before, when I reviewed the Transformation palette. I stood at the display for about 10 minutes debating if I should buy the kit or order the Tarte trio online. As I mentioned in the previous post, I want to try more from PÜR and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I bit the bullet and went ahead with the purchase.

In the interest of remaining impartial to the products, I did my makeup routine slightly out of order, but here are my honest thoughts on each of the items.

PicfxFile (1)

Primer, Foundation, Chisel Brush, Mineral Glow and Mascara

Step 1- Primer:
IMG_0533This is essentially the before picture. I have on moisturizer and eye cream and added the primer. I was a little surprised. The primer was white and creamy. Most primers I’ve used are clear or have a slight tint if they boast a color correcting aspect. The primer claims to be a correcting primer. As far as correcting, I’m not sure I see much of a difference. As far as being a decent primer, however, I really liked the consistency and how light it felt, despite being creamy in texture.

Step 2- Foundation and Concealer:
IMG_0536I applied my favorite BB cream and some concealer. The result was the picture above.IMG_0541

I followed with the chisel brush that was included in the kit and the powder foundation in the shade “light.” The bristles on the brush are soft but firm and definitely not flimsy. The result is very clear. The foundation is my favorite part of the kit. It’s not cakey and definitely not chalky. The application results in a creamy complexion and nice coverage.

Step 3- Bronzer and Mascara
IMG_0542I normally wouldn’t do these steps together or in this order, but for the sake of the review, I chose to combine these two to give my honest opinion. I applied the bronzer first. I was pleasantly surprised. Bronzer has a tendency to be either too orange or too dark on me. I’m not sure if the bronzer is the same shade in every kit, as I couldn’t find the information on PÜR’s website. Upon further inspection, the bronzer in my kit was called a “mineral glow,” so I imagine it’s a standing warming shade.

Normally when I apply mascara, I curl my lashes and use one coat of waterproof mascara. This trick helps to keep my eyelashes perky and from drooping. I went ahead with this step, instead of applying the mascara directly because I do this every time and have used various volumizing/lengthing mascaras on top so I know what I’m looking for. As I used the mascara, I noticed the formula was really nice. It didn’t smell strongly like some mascara can. The label boasts that it is infused with Argan oil and that may be why the consistency is smooth. I was underwhelmed, however with the effect it had on my lashes. I will definitely use it, because it does seem to condition my lashes, but I have definitely liked other mascaras more.

Step 4- Everything Else
IMG_0545I finished the look with some blush and light eye shadow. I opted for no liner on this day to create a softer look. For the last step, I used some brow gel and finished with a pinky pearl lipstick.

If I had to rate the items in order of favorite to least it would be:

  1. Foundation
  2. Bronzer
  3. Chisel brush
  4. Correcting primer
  5. Mascara

Have you tried this kit? Or do you use any of the products included in the full size versions? Let me know in the comments below! I will hopefully be able to purchase the full size foundation in the future.

Have a pretty day and see y’all soon!


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