How to look halfway decent when you get sick (makeup for a cold)

Catching a cold is the worst. It’s exaggerated even more when taking care of an equally sick infant. First, Husband caught a cold, then transferred the cold to Little Love and if finally hit me a few days later. I always look downright awful when I fall ill and have no energy to keep up appearances. Sometimes, you need to look somewhat put together, and having no sleep the night before from congestion makes everything harder. So I decided to try my luck at a simple makeup look.


Products used: (not pictured) Maybelline Primer, Rimmel BB cream, Tarte amazonian clay palette, Rimmel Stay matte Powder, CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous concealer, Maybelline Coverstick, and L’oreal Voluminous waterproof mascara


First I started with a primer. I followed by using yellow corrector under my eyes. I applied my favorite bb cream all over. Lately, I’ve been having dry skin but because I was sick, my skin was clammy and a little oily; I used a mattifying powder to keep everything in place.


I think one of the most important things about looking halfway decent is all in the eyes and warming up the face. I curled my lashes and applied some waterproof mascara, especially since I was sneezing every 3 minutes. I finished by applying bronzer and some blush.


Because my hair looked like an oily mess (just like my face), the best I could do was pull some of it back. There was no way for me to get volume in it, and honestly I couldn’t be asked.


This is the final look. I thought I looked somewhat okay for going out and embarking on my day. Hopefully these tips help you. Most of the days I was sick, I didn’t even bother. But if you need a quick guide, hopefully this helped!

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Hope you feel healthy and see y’all soon!


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