A Father’s Day Tribute

Shout out to all the dads out there. The married ones, the single ones, the ones that stepped in to be a daddy when others didn’t. To the ones that are also the mom and to the moms that are also the dads. Whatever the case may be, Happy Father’s Day!

I want to give a massive round of applause to Husband on his first Father’s Day. He has been absolutely amazing with our son. For todays post, I just want to include some of my favorite memories of seeing Husband be Dad in my son’s 3 month lifespan so far:

When Little Love was born, I couldn’t pick him up for 2 weeks, thanks to my friend Mr. Caesar and his section. Husband was so good at grabbing the baby for every diaper change, clothing change and anytime I needed to feed him. One night while we were still at the hospital, our baby let out the loudest cry and Husband jumped up. I had just fed him and he had just been changed, so we knew it wasn’t for those reasons. Everyone had just crept into a nice slumber as well. Without complaining, my love quickly rushed to my son and identified the problem as his “footsie coming out of his swaddle.” His tone was so patient and understanding and he quickly remedied the problem and we all went back to bed. It may not seem like much but it was a sweet moment at a time where I was on a lot of pain medication and all I wanted to do was sleep.

In the first month of Little Love’s life, he could only really fall asleep if someone was holding him (okay let’s be real, he’s still sort of like that; we’re trying to break it). For a long time I couldn’t do the trick. Husband was the one that Little Love wanted. One night, we were all trying to go to sleep and the baby kept screaming. No usual trick was working. Husband stayed up with him all night so I could get some sleep. The only way the baby would sleep was if he was lying on his daddy’s chest. Husband bit the bullet and sat in his recliner with our son until 4:30 in the morning. When we both had a little bit of sleep, we discovered the next day it was because he had his first run of colic. Luckily, he was not a very colicky baby and these incidences were few and far between. He’s pretty much passed that stage now and I’m so grateful for that one night when Husband took the hit.

I absolutely love watching my two boys bond. Now, the baby is starting to recognize voices and distinguish between people. He definitely prefers females, as I’ve read because I’m his primary caretaker. He can’t ever get enough of Husband, however. Every time my husband calls me while he’s at work, I put him on speaker and my son just lights up. He starts laughing and smiling. When Husband gets home from work, game over. I’m immediately chop liver and my son starts kicking his legs and sounding like R2D2. It seriously melts my heart, especially as they come up with games that are exclusively theirs.

I realize that sleep plays a big part in why my husband is the real MVP, but it’s so much more than that. I see how happy he is to have our son and how he would go to war for him. I see their bond and how hard Husband works and he works just as hard when he gets home to help out and just be with our baby.


How we value sleep

I love you, Rory. Happy first (of many) Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to you out there and see y’all soon!


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