3 Month Update: The art of learning how to live with a small being

My son turns 3 months this week. I know I’m feeling like he’s getting so big so fast because I had a dream last night that he already started walking. They don’t lie when they say there’s no manual for parenting. This was so evident by our recent run to the pediatric ER.

Yes, Little Love was hit with his first cold (from Husband to baby to wife, cue my excitement). All was under control until one day I noticed his breathing was more labored. Long story short, we were scared because he seemed to be wheezing. He’s fine. Apparently babies have little bodies and everything seems like a catastrophe and impending doom.

In the 3 months of my son’s life, he has been such a happy baby so far. I’m hopeful that this will continue and he’ll never get cranky when teething, or experience the terrible 2’s, or go through an angsty teenage rebellion. He’s really starting to recognize people and figure out the world—like that he has hands.

Postpartum-wise, I have been getting much stronger, but still have a way to go. The first month after the c-section, I could hardly lift him or carry him. Now I have everything down to a science. My hormones seem to be leveling out and I haven’t experienced a huge rollercoaster of emotions. Because of his rapid development in a short period of time, I do find that it takes me a couple of days after every growth spurt where my body has to adjust and I feel very sore.

He’s just over 2 feet now and about 15 pounds. He continues to be exclusively breastfed but will take a bottle if I’m not around, which is rare. I went out with some friends for dinner for the first time a week ago and I cried the whole way there. I hope as he gets older I can become more comfortable leaving him with babysitters. I think I have more separation anxiety than he does.

Some Advice for the First 3 Months:

  • Try to get a schedule down, this will help your baby sleep longer through the night.
  • Pampers >>>> Huggies
  • My baby hated being swaddled after the first month and honestly he started getting too big. We worked around that by putting him in footie-pajamas to keep him warm.
  • If you can, avoid trying to schedule your baby’s feeds. This one is tough but I feed on demand. He’s happy and growing like a weed this way. I know this isn’t ideal for everyone, so no pressure.
  • Sometimes other mothers rave about a product, and you might feel like a failure for not getting it to work. You aren’t a failure, it happens, you’ll figure out a solution. (This happened to me with baby carriers and the Nose Frieda.)
  • Saline spray, baby Vicks and a cool-mist humidifier is the only thing that helped when Little Love had a cold. These are musts.

Make sure to look out for updates on all my socials (found on top if you’re on mobile and the side if you’re on pc).

Happy growing and see y’all soon!


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