Help me spend my Ulta gift card!

Mother’s Day was good to me. Being my first one and all, Husband was extra sweet to me and I received 2 cards: one from him and one from Little Love. Each card had a gift card and my boys know me so well. Husbands’ is to Ulta *cue heart eye emoji. But I’m at a dilemma. I have always loved Ulta but I very rarely buy from the prestige side. I’m more of a give me a full face by Ulta kinda girl. So there are a few items I really want but I can’t decide on.

Tarte is my favorite makeup brand. It’s always a treat for me to buy from them. If I could, I would make my entire makeup collection Tarte. I mean, I love other makeup brands as well, but Tarte just gets me.

SO there are 3 items I cant decide and I need y’all’s help.

There’s the Tarte Shape Tape that everyone raves about


Source: Cruelty Free Kitty

I also am drooling over this mini set


Source: Tarte

Lastly, I can’t resist a beautifully contoured face with a fresh lip


Source: Musings of a Muse

Here’s my justification for each:

I’m a mom. I don’t sleep very well. My bags are a mess. That’s where the Shape Tape concealer comes in. I’ve heard it can make these non-designer bags under my eyes look like Kate Spade made them, or at the very least, a nice Xhilaration Target brand.

Why would I choose the mini set? I have enough eyeshadow right? (The answer to that is yes, I do. I try not to hoard). I just can’t resist a good deal. Eyeshadow plus mascara plus a lip paint. It’s all my favorite parts of makeup.

Lastly, the blush/contour/highlight palette with the lip stick/gloss is the one I’m oddly leaning toward. I’m just looking to shake things up but I can’t help feeling like I should stick to what I know.

Comment below to let me know if you’ve used any of the above or if you just have a preference!

Be sure to check in with my socials to see a firsthand look at everything. Links can be found on the top of the page (if you’re on mobile) or on the sidebar (if you’re on desktop/laptop).

Thanks for the help and see y’all soon.


8 thoughts on “Help me spend my Ulta gift card!

  1. I’m a fellow tarte lover! Love their products cuz they’re cruelty free, and they’re great for my skin cuz I’m sensitive and they don’t bother me.
    I’ve heard so many amazing things about the shape tape, I would say to either get that or the shadow/mascara/lip trio, because the trio is perfect to throw in your bag and you can get ready wherever you are.


  2. Shape tape or the trio! I think it’s best to stick to what you know you’ll use… I mean, I’m not even a mom and I usually just do some foundation-as-concealer and mascara. I’m sure you’re way busier and value your sleep time way more than me to be sacrificing sleep hours for contouring hours, haha.


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