Product Review/ Fail: Baby Carriers

Little Love is heavy. He’s a substantial baby. I am a weak, weak person. In my adult life I have always been on the punier side. This makes transporting him a tad difficult when I’m by myself. I can still carry him comfortably enough for short periods of time; when I’m running errands, however, I need an efficient way to shuffle him around.

This is where baby carriers come in—or so I thought. I’ve been through 3 of them by now. I’ve seen other moms and some dads wear their babies like a badge of honor, but I just feel so uncomfortable in them and my son either hates them or can sense my discomfort and nopes out of there as fast as he can.

There are pros and cons to many different carriers. I tried the kind with soft fabric, as I have heard those are better for the baby’s posture and comfort. For me, not so much. I also tried a more traditional one, which was more comfortable for me, but my son hated it.

The first one I tried was a Boba. Now, it’s not fair to say I tried it. It was a gift at my baby shower. But 2 weeks postpartum and still cringing at the thought of a feather grazing my tummy, I panicked and barked at my husband to take it back. Husband has zero intention of trying a baby carrier, as he’s very tall and strong and can handle the stroller.


Source: Target

Which leads me to my next point: I can’t use our stroller by myself either. I’m just way too weak. I’m trying to build my strength back up. Until then, I have to come up with another solution because one attempt of me with loading the stroller, and I ended up at the doctor, with a pulled muscle and orders of rest/ medication.

I decided to try another wrap, at the suggestion of my MIL. I got the Moby, much like the Boba. I tried for weeks to tie that thing properly, and most of the time it would just fall off. It was like the equivalent of Charlie Brown’s sad ghost costume to everyone’s perfect ghost costume. I ended up throwing in the towel.


Source: Thanks Mama


In a last ditch effort, I tried a more traditional carrier: an Infantino Gather. It was easy as pie to set up but once I placed Little Love in it, he screamed. And now he’s 15 pounds and I have no desire to feel worse than I did when I was heavy pregnant.


Source: My Savings

So what’s a gal to do? I extensively looked into umbrella/ lightweight strollers, ya know, so I don’t throw my back out. Most say that your child needs to be about 6 months. I purchased one as such, and seeing as how my son is just about to turn 3, I’m SUPER hopeful he’s as ahead of the curve as all parents think their special snowflake child is. I haven’t used it with him yet, as I’m a desperate parent, not a bad one. I’m waiting for him to get a bit more control of his neck and core. Or until I can get more control of my neck back and core (ha ha).

As for now, I’ll be a homebody who can’t leave unless it’s a quick trip or someone is with me. What do other parents think about baby carriers? What are some brands that work the best? Or are others as desperate as I am? Let me know!

Happy baby wearing and see y’all soon.


10 thoughts on “Product Review/ Fail: Baby Carriers

  1. Pam Wilson says:

    Marie do they make anything to carry the baby on your back? This image of an Indian mom keeps coming into my mind.


  2. caitpb says:

    We use an ergobaby carrier. The first two times, our baby hated it. But we kept him in there for a couple of minutes and walked around, and the motion made him fall asleep. Maybe try walking with him in it, even if he’s crying and see if he calms down. I think those wraps would be too complicated for me!


  3. Jessika says:

    I’m just barely reading this, but I love my Lillebaby Airflow carrier. You can carry many ways including front carry, back carry, forward facing, etc. It comes with a lumbar support that is actually really helpful. I haven’t used it in this summer heat though.


  4. What stroller do you have? There is so many options now for strollers that are super light weight and comfortable for your baby, like nuna mixx 2 or the tavo from nuna or the yoyó they are light weight and you can move them with a simple push, I think you should check them out 😉! Tula carries are amazing too if you want to try another carrier 😊


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