Product Review: Garnier SKINACTIVE Moisturizer & how it helped my postpartum routine

More and more the little things are important to me. I have this joke that no matter what, the second I start doing something for myself it’s like Little Love can sense it and starts crying. I never intended to lose all sense of hygiene (as shown here) but as the weeks after Little Love’s birth I found myself slowly skipping the normal hygiene routine I’d established.

I read an article about a how adopting a Korean skincare routine helped one woman get through her postpartum depression. While I am very fortunate that I am not struggling with postpartum depression, it sparked an idea that by taking care of myself, I could regain some of my sense of individuality.

As I spoke about in this article, when I was pregnant my skin was an acne fest. After giving birth, my skin was sucked dry and parched like a desert. I was looking for anything that could serve as an oasis for my skin. I tried various moisturizers from Mario Badescu and Clinique, but ultimately what helped was a $6 jar from Garnier.

I picked up Garnier SKINACTIVE’s Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream for dry skin. It’s a pink gel-cream in a 1.7-ounce jar. The line also carries a green one for normal to dry skin. I found it at my local grocery store when I was looking on a whim. I saw the moisturizer on sale for just over $6.


Source: ChickAdvisor

On first touch the gel-cream feels slightly sticky. The texture evens out upon application. I noticed a cooling sensation the first few times I applied it. Recently, however, I do get a slight tingling sensation. The directions on the box say to use twice a day, but I get the impression that some users may prefer it for a day or nighttime cream.

My skin has been very dry but I know it’s a temporary dryness as my hormones are still out of whack from giving birth and now breastfeeding. I generally have sensitive skin and I imagine it will go back to that once I’m no longer breastfeeding and my hormone levels even out. That being said, this moisturizer is perfect for me. It might not be perfect for everyone, however.


  • The consistency and texture
  • The light fragrance (however if you’re sensitive to any fragrance in products you should avoid this. I don’t find it overpowering as it is very light, but some might)
  • Little is needed upon application


  • While you could choose to use it as a day cream or night cream, for the daytime it can be a little sticky
  • Conversely, at night it might not be moisturizing enough for extremely dry skin

While this moisturizer hasn’t been the exact answer to my prayers, it has really helped my face to calm down in dryness and redness. What this cream has done is give me a basis to a routine. Once my face started to feel clean and refreshed, I started adding other little things in my day-to-day hygiene to help feel more myself, such as returning to a better hair care and body skincare routine.

I’d like to try the cleanser in this line to see if it holds up just as well. I’d give this gel cream a 7/10, mostly for helping me return to my normal self as well as nourish my skin.

Happy hydration and see y’all soon.


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