Product Review: Transformation Palette by PÜR

I always have trouble justifying a splurge for myself. I always have. Especially as my family grows and so do our expenses. So when I am gifted with a makeup palette I’ve been eyeing, I’m more than grateful.

I, however, was not eyeing this makeup palette. I have never really thought or researched much of makeup by PÜR, but serendipitously, I was given the Transformation palette as a Christmas present from my mom. She sheepishly confessed that she actually reached for a palette by Tarte and grabbed this one instead.

transformation palette


I was skeptical of the colors, as I have brown eyes and warm skin. The palette consists of 5 powder eye-shadows, 1 cream blush and 1 cream bronzer. The eye-shadow colors include a shimmery light pink, a matte rust, a slightly shimmery plum, a beautiful gold, and a soft black. The blush is almost a coral pink while the bronzer is a milk-chocolate brown.


  • The shadows are extremely buttery.
  • The fallout is minimal.
  • I can make a complete eye shadow look solely with the palette and that is important to me.
  • The mixture of matte and shimmer shades gives me options.
  • I can go for a darker eye or a lighter one.
  • The blush and bronzer are buildable, and are very forgiving if you use a heavy hand.


  • The cream blush and bronzer feel a little weird to me. I sort of wish they would’ve kept it consistent as either all cream or all powdery shadows.

There are definitely more goods than bads with this palette. I’ve used this palette with minimal face makeup, but I have also used it for a wedding I attended.


Ignore the eyebrows. My brows go 0-60 real fast. But this is a very minimal look.


I wore this look for a wedding. Unfortunately this pic on Snapchat was the only picture I took up close that day. But the palette really complimented the rest of the look.

I would absolutely recommend the Transformation palette and I am excited to keep looking into PÜR, especially as they claim to use more “natural” ingredients. I still need to do my research as to what exactly the ingredients entail, but I am excited to do so for a splurge.

Happy makeuping and see y’all soon.



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