Life Update: I’m back?!

Welcome back everyone! Thank you for returning after I totally ghosted everyone. I have a (halfway) decent excuse as to why I went MIA in October. I never intended to stop blogging and certainly never wanted to leave without an explanation.

So what was it? Mourning a celebrity death? Dissatisfied wit the election results? Overall discontent with the world? No, none of those.


I started a new (full-time) job in October. That’s it. That’s my excuse. But it’s a little more than that. Dealing with a tough pregnancy and transition from super part-time/on-my-own-schedule work to a fast paced, full day just about wore me out.

I had every intention of continuing my posts while I worked, but I just couldn’t find the time. Then the holidays happened. And I told Husband my New Year’s resolution was to pick up where I left off on my blog. And then I attended 2 weddings 2 weekends in a row (and had to travel for one). I also started the third trimester and my tough pregnancy got even tougher. We then moved and Husband wins an MVP trophy for the next 5 years, as he did the majority of the move on his own. Our baby shower came and went, and still no blog.


At this point, I’ve had to turn down several invites and basically limit myself. After a pre-term labor scare a few weeks ago, my doctor has me on light bed-rest. I wasn’t even putting out my best efforts at my job. I’m not sure how I expected myself to churn out a few blog posts a week.

I’m now on maternity leave, so to speak, and have maybe a few minutes here or there. I feel like if I don’t start blogging now, I’ll drop it forever. And as I have this child, I really want to write as an outlet. Especially as more and more it’s looking like I’m going to stay home with him for a little while.

A Good Luck Gesture (File contains clipping path)

Can I promise that I will post as regularly as I would like? Haha, no. I can’t predict anything at this point. My baby boy is coming soon and I’m on his terms now. I also can’t promise that I’ll be able to produce a lot of makeup/beauty content. I’m fairly certain I’ll mainly vent and give life updates, to be completely honest. But I know that I don’t want to let myself go in the last few weeks of my pregnancy/becoming a mom. I’ve always wanted to be a MILF, so now’s my chance, or something.

TL;DR I’m back, hopefully, and have some ideas up my sleeve for new content.

Thanks for bearing with me and see y’all soon.


2 thoughts on “Life Update: I’m back?!

    • DewItYourself says:

      Thanks Maddie! I’ve been so bad at checking my comments/emails that I just now saw this. About to check out your blog, I’m excited!


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