Pumpkin Post Thursdays: Easy Costumes from Stuff You Already Own

Hello Spookies! Can you believe it’s only 11 days until Halloween?! If you’re anything like me, dressing up is probably the most exciting part of Halloween. And if you’re even MORE like me, you don’t have a costume yet. Fear not, I have put together so many last minute costumes in my life it isn’t funny.

It’s easy to show up to any Halloween store and buy a costume, but maybe you need a costume tonight. Maybe your coworker who you’ve been admiring is going to be there and you need to look your best. Maybe you just don’t want to go in the same old cat costume that you’ve worn 3 years straight. Not to worry my fellow costume lover, I’m going to give you ideas for outfits you may already have in your closet.

Character Costumes

 This one is really personal preference. I know if I wore a trench coat and held a yellow umbrella, my friends would get that I was the mom from How I Met Your Mother but not every group would get that.

If you have the appropriate clothes for your favorite TV show/ movie, by all means, go for it. Some easy ideas are:


Bob’s Burgers

I’ve seen several people do this. Especially for Tina, Louise and Bob. Bob’s Burgers is one of those shows that not everyone watches, but a lot of people would get. Usually there’s at least one person in any given situation that will recognize your costume and love you for it.




I did this last year. With the release of Pokemon Go this year, this is a timely costume with nostalgia written all over it. If you look on Pinterest, there are one million tutorials on how to dress as Pikachu. I opted for Misty last year. All I had to buy were the suspenders.




Again, look on Pinterest if crafting is your thing. With this, you could wear pretty much whatever you want and either print or make Snapchat filters or emojis.


Era Costumes

Any era costume is usually pretty easy to pull off. I was obsessed with the 60s as a kid and I went as a hippie one year.


I only had to buy the vest because I literally had everything else in my closet. Maybe you own some 70s-influenced peasant tops. Feather out your hair and you’ve got a costume. I also worked on a school project a few years ago for a Gatsby-themed gala. I dressed as a flapper. I didn’t have to buy anything. Whatever I didn’t have I borrowed from my friend (who went as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s one year and had the gloves).



Rosie the Riveter

I’ve always wanted to go as Rosie the Riveter. This costume is fairly explanatory. Chambray shirt, jeans and red bandana and you’re good.


Jordan Belfort/ Wolf of Wallstreet

In high school, my brother dressed as an “80s business man.” He wore a suit and carried around an old house phone we had that looked like an early version of a cell phone. He also carried around a briefcase my parents had lying around. It worked and he was a hit.

2016 References

Of course, if you love dressing up in pop culture references 2016 is full of them.

The Rio Olympics were a big talking point this year. If you have a blue hoodie and can make a good stink face, Angry Michael Phelps is an easy one. If you ever did gymnastics or ballet and have an old leotard lying around, the 2016 US Women’s Gymnastics team is another current one. Use or make some gold medals to complete the look.


Brexit was another big current event. I’m not quite sure how to make this a costume other than wear the Union Jack and hold up a sign saying “Bye EU.” A more creative type than me could come up with something for this. I just thought I’d throw it in there.


Ken Bone

Husband told me that sexy Ken Bone costumes are being sold. Sexy or not, his outfit would be easy to duplicate. Wear a sign with his question at the debate and attribute it to Ken Bone. Easy peasy.

Kid's Halloween Costumes

The Bey Hive

Besides obviously dressing as Queen Bey herself, go as the beyhive. I own an old bee costume. But if you aren’t as hoarder-ish as me, some bee-type wings or construct a beehive or even a shirt with a bee on it, hold a glass of lemonade and there you go.

Presidential Candidates

Probably one of the most popular of the year, if you own a blazer of any kind, you could pull this off. A wig might be necessary. Paint yourself orange if you’re really into the spirit. If you want to get political carry around a makeshift wall for Trump or a bunch of paper “emails” for Clinton.

And why stop there? Obama is still our president. Go for the original Clinton and carry around a toy sax. Recreate the time Bush had a shoe thrown at him. It’s your Halloween, if you want to be political, be my guest.


You can always go for the standard vampire or princess, or vampire princess, but I hope some of these options helped. I’ve also done DIY popstars and superheroes in the past. Go for what you love.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

2014: Ariana Grande


2015: Captain America

Next week is my last post for Pumpkin Post Thursdays and it will involve makeup. Keep an eye out if you’re into that sort of thing.

Happy Halloween and see y’all soon


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