18th week #BumpDay: sleeping, skincare & solid friends

Hello Lovelies! My pregnancy hasn’t been the easiest in terms of my symptoms. In lieu of complaining, however, I want to take a moment to appreciate the wonderful things going on right now:

Finding sleep relief. I am someone that values my sleep times a million. Sleeping Beauty was never my favorite Disney princess because I envied her too much. It’s not fair that she had restful uninterrupted sleep while I had an alarm waking me up to the cold dark reality of school—where I couldn’t sleep. (I know she was like 16 and it was more of a coma than a sleep, and her stepmom hated her, but younger Marie didn’t know that).

I know that once Chickpea gets here, he’s going to be my alarm. At all hours of the night. And day. And he’ll want my boob. All that being said, I am trying to hibernate as much as pregnant-ly possible. It’s a little tough because I can’t sleep in my normal tummy/back positions and instead need to sleep on my side.

Husband prefers a firm bed, and a FIRM bed we have. Firm = broken shoulders everyday. He sweetly suggested we get a memory foam topper for my side of the bed. Boy howdy, that thing has saved my life. My shoulders still aren’t the best but I can sleep (mostly) through the night now. I’m very thankful for his kind suggestion, as I know the topper causes problems for his sleep.


Savvy skincare Mom. If you’ve read any of my makeup posts (and my hormonal acne post), you may be aware that my skin has been dreadful since being in the family way. I was out of town with my mom this past weekend and forgot to pack my moisturizer. At the same time, I ran out of my face wash.

My amazing mom refused to let my skin deteriorate worse than it already has been and loaned me her products. She has dry skin; I have a weird combination of oily& acne/sensitive & dry skin. She handed me a gentle cleanser she swears she never uses and let me use her moisturizer designed for dry skin. That combined with my sensitive-skin toner and my face has never looked better (during pregnancy).

I don’t know how she knew it would help, or if she was even aware. I plan on buying the products she uses/had in her travel stash. I was even so impressed I tried her foundation and loved that too. I will be purchasing that as well. Moms know best.


Thoughtful friends. I am an emotional person as it is. Pregnancy has only made this tornado of emotions even more tumultuous. Lately I take every action personally and it can hit me out of nowhere. I’m not an angry person, but I can get red with rage. I cry at any news story involving toddlers. I feel stress over doing my makeup. It’s not pleasant. It’s hard to imagine that anyone would want to be around me during this time.

It should be noted that I am very close to my core group of friends. I have known all of them since I was a preteen or teenager and we have been a squad for several years now. With all of life’s happenings, it can be hard to see everyone all the time.

Well, this past week we made impromptu plans to hang out. I mentioned I’d have to leave early to take care of something. Around the time we were meant to meet up, I got a text delaying the plans and I lost it. I instantly started bawling. Of course, it had to be about me right? Wrong.

With my dietary requirements, everyone just wanted to not have me around food I couldn’t have and they split up to eat. Once I found out that was the reason, I thought it was actually very sweet since I can’t stand the smell of a lot of foods right now. They were also meeting up in the mall and they didn’t want my pregnant body to have to maneuver the mall during food time.

Once I got over myself, I evetunally met up with them (at a neutral smelling place) and had a great time. They’re wonderful people and not out to get me (obvious to most).


Remember when these gifs were a thing on AIM and MySpace? Please note the message is not ironic but the usage is.

I have been really bad about taking my bump pictures lately, so I don’t have one for this week. But Baby Bear is growing more and more. I can feel him move around a lot now. My mom even felt him a few days ago.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a Pumpkin Post involving an aspect of costuming (the best part about Halloween).

Happy BumpDay and see y’all soon.



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