Makeup Revolution’s Heart-Stealing $10 Palettes (blush and concealer) Review

Hello Lovelies! I have always loved palettes. You can get a lot of bang for minimal buck. So when I saw Makeup Revolution’s Ultra Cover and Conceal and Ultra Blush palettes, I knew I was in for a treat. I found them at Ulta for $10 each. Both come with 8 shades and each line has a few options.


For the blush palette, there are two choices: Hot Spice and Sugar and Spice. I purchased Hot Spice as the colors leaned more in the pink family and less neutral and I like to go overboard on blush.

(When I say overboard, I mean I prefer to cake it on. You can go subtle with this palette or you can opt for Sugar and Spice and have more browns and light pinks.)



The blush palette comes with 4 shimmer shades, 2 matte, and 2 baked. 1, 3, 5 and 7 are shimmery; 2 and 6 are matte; 4 and 8 are baked. My personal favorites are numbers 1, 2 and 5. I use those the most. I tend to shy away from the baked shades unless I’m using them as highlights. They aren’t super pigmented and have a lot more shine than I’m used to on a blush.

For $10 you can’t beat it. However, you will have to work with some of the shades. I’ve found the matte ones, in particular, tend to come off a bit patchy at times (but I’ve also found that with other drugstore mattes as well). I also prefer to mix shades on my brush (because why not?) and truthfully that may lead to some of the patchiness.

I’ve found I can get a really pretty glow from MR’s blushes. Here is an example from when I was taking pictures for my 4th of July post:


Overall, I love this palette and I would recommend.

The concealer palette, however, can be hit or miss for me.

There are 3 options: Light; Light-Medium; and Medium-Dark. As public knowledge, I have pretty light skin. I always float between the fair and light shades for my face makeup so I have the palette in the Light shade. Just from looking online, it seems as though the Light-Medium would work for maybe a shade or two darker than me and the Medium-Dark is more for olive-tan skin tones. So I’m not positive it’s great for a wide range of skin tones but I would love to hear feedback about that.



The thing about this palette is that the concealer is very thick. Because it’s in these smallish circular areas, you pretty much need a concealer brush or just go in the old fashion way with your phalanges; using a beauty blender/ makeup sponge is kind of tricky.

Because the concealer is so thick, if my primer hasn’t set properly or I’m having a garbage skin day, sometimes the product will just move. I wouldn’t say it’s oily, but it can give a slick feeling.

I tend to use the first shade as a highlighter under my powder highlighter. It gives it a little more of a pop. Depending on the time of year, I use shades 2, 3 and 6 the most for basic concealing. Because the 5th shade has way more of a yellow undertone than I have, I use that occasionally to correct purple/dark spots. I almost never touch the 8th shade.

I’m less enthusiastic to recommend this palette. Again, I want to emphasize it is only $10 which is nice to give a try. But honestly, I’ve heard better things about the NYX concealer palette and really want to try that. I also tend to lean toward my individual concealers I use.

With all of that being said, I used a myriad of products for my wedding day makeup and this palette was one of them. And I absolutely loved my wedding day makeup.


I hope this review helped a bit. I’m really excited to try MR’s eye shadow palettes since I love the color payoff from their blushes.

If you try these or have them already, let me know!

See y’all soon!


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