16 week #BumpDay: Gender Reveal Video and Other Neat Things

Hello Lovelies! #BumpDay is a day late (surprise, surprise) but I think it was worth the wait. This week, I have a video to accompany this post, which I’m very excited about. If you remember in my most recent personal post that was neither a #BumpDay nor the shelved Mommy Monday, I mentioned that we found out the sex of our child.

*Also, there will be another scheduled post later on today, carry on.

I wanted to make a video announcement all along but Husband and I were too excited to wait. I made it now, and while our families and friends know, I still think it’s a fun video to watch (but I may be biased).

In addition to the video, some general updates about my pregnancy include that I cannot for the life of me get comfy. We have a firm mattress so side sleeping is extra difficult. I have surrounded myself with cloud-like pillows and still, I toss and turn and can’t sleep. It was so bad last night I resorted with my tail tucked to our pillow-top guest bed. I am happy to report that my shoulders survived the night. We are buying a mattress topper.

The most exciting thing for me has been that I’ve felt our baby move! Baby is particularly active when I’m trying to sleep but it’s so cute to feel all the movements. I felt one very strong kick earlier this week. Since then, it’s been on and off. Baby gets stage fright when Husband tries to feel. I think it’s still too early for a full on kick as I am only 16 weeks.

So that’s pretty much it for my updates. Here is the video announcement and I hope you enjoy!

See y’all soon!


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