Long Lasting Manis for the Lazy (Review of Sally Hansen)

Hello Lovelies! I have always been just a tad obsessed with doing my nails. My middle school didn’t allow us to wear nail polish or makeup, but of course I rebelled. I was shocked by the freedom my high school allowed for that, but as a cheerleader, we weren’t allowed to wear nail polish. So it wasn’t until college I could go crazy-crazy.

I should also mention that I am the laziest person when it comes to my nails. I’ll get the motivation to paint them, only to not have that motivation again for a few weeks. So my nail polish stays on for a disgusting amount of time. Thus, I’ve made it my mission to find the longest-lasting polish/techniques.

I’ve gone through a lot of brands that promise long wear. I’ve even used brands that don’t, but work pretty well. One brand that always delivers for me is Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear.

I recently sent poor Husband out by himself with the instructions to find a light lavender/ lilac color. I also gave him a list of brands he could pick from. Try as he did, he kept picking up gel polish options. Finally he asked if “Xtreme Wear” was a good brand and after sending a picture I shouted (via text) ‘YES!!!’

This is the sad state my nails can get in:

This particular nail polish is not a long lasting one, so my nails looked like they had been on an all-night binger for a few weeks (oops). Also, with my pregnancy and prenatal vitamin, my nails are growing pretty quickly. So they look fairly beat up after 2 seconds.

Without fail, I always use a base and topcoat. I don’t have a particular preference for a topcoat; given how impatient I am, however, I should get a quick-drying one.


I DO, however, absolutely have a preference for a base. I love love love the Gelous polish. It’s supposed to mimic the results from gel or shellac polishes. If you look on Pinterest, there are a few tutorials for how to use this base to get similar results to a shellac mani. I have tried it before, it absolutely works, but it is very time consuming, and, well, see above. You can get it at Sally’s Beauty Supply and I think it’s around $6. I’ve had mine for almost 2 years and I just now need to get a new bottle. BUY IT. #notspons.

So with my arsenal of products and after the shaping of my nails, I ended up with this lovely mani:

I absolutely love this brand of nail polish. I wore it for a week and here is what it looked like:


Truthfully, I’ve had the polish on for exactly 2 weeks as of writing this, and it’s just now chipping to the point where I should probably change it. Most of my nails are still in tact, however.

I truly recommend. Plus, I’ve never seen this polish cost more than $3, so you can’t beat it. I’m about to go to the store for some groceries and I might just pick up another color while I’m there. I will say however, I have purchased some of the glitter options and those take a lot of patience to get just right. Some, I have never been able to use because of the crappy consistency, so beware.

I hope this helps anyone looking for quality while remaining practical.

Happy manis and see y’all soon!


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