Mommy Monday…on Tuesday & Trip to the ER

Hello Lovelies! So my Mommy Monday post is actually on Tuesday today. I should just go ahead and buy stock in my local emergency clinic now. Luckily we live within walking distance to said clinic and we use their services when necessary. Like yesterday, when after spending 38ish hours in agony I finally broke down and went. Throughout this pregnancy I have already been there 3 times.

To be fair, we don’t just willy-nilly flock to this minor ER. There have been many times I have wanted to go, but figure out an alternative. Also, it should be noted that if I can, I call my normal doctor before actually making the trip. Sometimes I’m worrying over nothing, other times my normal OB can see me. But there have been 3 times when I have been told to go to the ER. I don’t want to use the actual ER though. The wait times are usually prolonged and there are other people that need the ER more than I do. That’s why I love the local minor ER clinic.

On this particular day yesterday, I was having severe abdominal pain accompanied with some unpleasant, uh, stuff, coming out of me. My doctor gave us the okay to go because he wanted to make sure it wasn’t appendicitis and to get me an IV. They know us by name now. My husband and I both have been there enough to where the staff loves us and we love the staff. They’re so kind and attentive.

Basically I got my IV, I got my diagnostic testing done, and I got to spend time looking at my little one for about an hour. My husband was particularly happy because he couldn’t make it to my dating scan. Everything turned out to be fine. I was given a prescription for antibiotics and on my way.


I worry too much now. Parenting is going to be fun. Not to say I wasn’t justified in going to the doctor. But of course the whole time I was super anxious and scared that my baby wasn’t okay. I’m sure my OB’s office is extremely tired of me calling, but oh well. At least I’m okay and my mind is at ease.

Have a good Monday on a Tuesday and I’ll see y’all soon.


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