An (okay?) Attempt at A Side Braid Tutorial

Hello Lovelies! As mentioned in a previous post, I have fairly fine/thin hair. This poses a problem anytime I want to do anything (literally, anything) to my hair. Usually when I curl it I don’t worry about it too much because the curls add some much needed volume. Braids, top knots and general updos, however, need some help.

Flash back a few weeks ago to when my husband and I were taking our pregnancy announcement photos. I had every intention of curling my hair as I do for most photo shoots we have done (this makes it sound as though we are models. Nope. Just regular people who happen to take a lot of photos to document our lives). To do this, however, I probably should’ve washed my hair. Dry shampoo couldn’t save the state of my greasy, messy hair.

I opted to throw my hair into a side braid. It fit the theme of our announcement and I thought it would be easy enough to pull off. Boy howdy, I was wrong. I searched YouTube and Pinterest to try and find a tutorial for making my braid look its fullest. I couldn’t find anything to help, so I thought maybe, just maybe, I could come up with something that would work for other fine-haired guys and gals.

This is how my hair started:


It was clearly a flat greasy mess. I decided to add some volume to spray my hair with Andalou’s Thickening Spray. Just a warning that this spray smells like patchouli, which I don’t mind, but definitely not for everyone.


I then used this rounded heat brush to fluff out my hair. I originally bought this brush because I thought it would actually smooth out my hair. If you have seen any honest posts about any heat brush, you probably know that while it does straighten your hair (not something I needed) it poofs it out like crazy. Resulting in this glamorous look:



For the sake of before and after, this was what my braid would’ve looked like before all this trickery:


This was my braid after the smoke and mirrors:


Did my makeup in-between braids as well

It still wasn’t as full as I would like, so I went back in and teased it a little bit. I’m usually anti-teasing because in the past my hair has broken pretty easily from it. Luckily, I experienced no breakage and it helped my braid a bit:


I know it’s not perfect and it took a bit of work to even get it to this stage. It was an experiment and it worked enough for the purpose of the day. In the future, I would probably just French braid my hair for a day-to-day look, but at least I know how to give my side braid its best life.

I hope this helped and see y’all soon!


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