Long Lasting Manis for the Lazy (Review of Sally Hansen)

Hello Lovelies! I have always been just a tad obsessed with doing my nails. My middle school didn’t allow us to wear nail polish or makeup, but of course I rebelled. I was shocked by the freedom my high school allowed for that, but as a cheerleader, we weren’t allowed to wear nail polish. So it wasn’t until college I could go crazy-crazy. Continue reading


12 Week #BumpDay (expectations vs reality)

Hello Lovelies! As promised, here is this week’s #BumpDay. I only made one post last week because my husband had some time off and I wanted to make the most of it, especially because at this point it looks like we won’t be getting a honeymoon. Which is perfectly fine. When Chickpea is old enough we will take a family-moon.

I’m only just over 12 weeks into my pregnancy, but I’ve learned quite a few things about this whole process: Continue reading