Hello Lovelies! So I have some big news! Maybe it was obvious in other posts (here), but I am pregnant! My husband and I were planning on posting our announcement on Labor Day but so many people in our lives were finding out.

We had our pictures taken last week and I edited the text yesterday so we figured we were only a week out from announcing, why not do it?!


And With The.png

Both of us are big sports fans, so this announcement seemed like a no-brainer. I ordered the baby jersey bodysuit from Etsy (CrossbowGraphics). It has Baby 01 on the front and Dew 01 on the back. I freehanded some stencils for jersey-esque numbers. I then used t-shirt paint to make our 2017 shirts. We took our pictures on a nearby soccer field (all the football fields were occupied). That’s basically it for the picture.

So what does this mean for the blog? Well I plan on doing updates every other Monday and every other Wednesday. So one week I’ll have a Mommy Monday post and the next week I’ll have a Bump Day post. If these posts don’t interest you, be sure to steer clear on those days.

How are MM and BD posts different? Well, Mommy Monday is meant to be life updates while pregnant, which may or may not be related to my pregnancy. For instance, None of my clothes are comfortable anymore, so fashion posts might be on a MM. Bump Day, will include a picture of my bump (or lack thereof right now) and have specific pregnancy updates. This post, for example, is Mommy Monday. Makes sense? If not, that’s okay. We are all figuring this out together.

Some fun facts about my pregnancy:
-My estimated due date is St. Patrick’s Day (which is convenient because my husband is an Irish citizen)
-I am currently at the time of this post 11 weeks and 3 days
-I’ve had the worst nausea as well as acne and overall stretching pains.
-Seeing as how this is my first pregnancy, I just want a healthy baby but I have a feeling it’s a boy.

I hope I can help out other soon-to-be moms. I completely understand if this isn’t up your alley. I have some beauty and lifestyle posts coming out this week so please hang tight!

Thanks for joining me in this journey and see y’all soon.


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