Packing Makeup & Beauty Products!

Hello Lovlies! This past weekend my husband and I took a road trip to celebrate some of his relatives’ 50th wedding anniversary. 50 years is no joke. And they had some of the sweetest things to say about each other. Traditionally, 50 years is the “gold anniversary.” This celebration was very golden and my husband and I wanted to dress as such.

Since we were traveling into the town that day, however, we had a long car ride combined with a quick turnaround to get ready. I was pretty exhausted because it was raining, which prolonged our trip. Luckily, we stayed in the same hotel as the celebration, which made things a little easier.

By the time we arrived at the hotel we had about an hour and a half to get ready. Here are some of my quick tips on packing and how to get ready in a short amount of time:

First, when we were packing (the morning of, oops) my husband and I shared a suitcase for most of our things. He hung his suit and I did the same for my dress options. We chose to share the suitcase to cut down on the amount of things to carry in. In my travel tote I basically packed everything into smaller sections and bags. This made it easy to know where everything was.

makeup bags

In the white cutout bag I packed all my makeup. The only things I left out were 3 palettes which I tucked into a side pocket of my travel tote. The makeup I brought was:
-Color corrector/concealer (one of the palettes was a concealer palette)
-Powder Foundation
-Blush (palette)
-Bronzer/ highlighter/ eye shadow (palette)
-Pencil eyeliner
-Liquid eyeliner
-Waterproof mascara
-Lengthening mascara
-Setting Spray

In the light pink bag with the rose gold zipper I brought all my makeup brushes and sponge. This included several eye shadow and face brushes.

In the fuchsia bag with the bow I carried small items and things that I wanted to keep separate from everything else:
-Compact mirror
-Travel contact solution
-Travel contacts case
-Hair Serum
-Hair tie and clip

In the black and white polka dot/pink bag I carried things I didn’t mind if they exploded or got things messy:
-Boar bristle brush
-Travel brush
-Wide tooth comb
-Face wash
-Under eye serum
-Bobby pins
-Eye makeup remover
-Travel toothbrush
-Travel toothpaste
-(I forgot my travel sized body wash so I used the soap provided in the hotel)

I kept my shampoo and conditioner in a separate plastic bag, just in case.

I desperately needed to wash my hair when we arrived so I hopped in the shower. Luckily, almost all hotels provide a blow dryer so I didn’t have to pack one. After my shower I dried my hair and started on my makeup. I didn’t completely dry my hair as I knew I was going to slightly curl my hair and didn’t want so much heat on it. So doing my makeup allowed some time for parts of my hair to dry.

close up

After my makeup I quickly curled my hair and changed. I was ready to go! And it’s a good thing I allowed for some extra time because we had a bit of a wardrobe disaster. My husband was ironing his shirt and the iron leaked rusty water all over it. We didn’t pack a back up dress shirt, but we did pack a polo so, while not ideal, it was better than nothing.

full body

Overall the event was so lovely and so much fun! I felt great and organized packing helped so I could get ready as quickly as possible.

See y’all soon!


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