Easiest Recipe Ever! feat. Justin’s

Hello Lovelies! I am the laziest chef. I am also super inexperienced when it comes to cooking. My husband keeps telling me if I just attempted, I would be decent at cooking, but I just like to keep things simple.

What doesn’t help is that I’m allergic to 5 things: gluten, dairy, peanuts, pecans and cinnamon. So I can’t just order a normal pizza or make myself a peanut butter sandwich when hunger strikes. Luckily, I’ve been eating “allergy free” for a little over 2 years now and I have found some things that work for me.

In this series, I’m going to post simple and easy (yes you heard me SIMPLE AND EASY) ways to satisfy your cravings and stick to meals that can be modified to work for you. Whether you are gluten-free, vegan or just want some ideas, I can’t guarantee that what I post is original but it works for me.

I was recently craving some almond butter (great substitute for peanut butter) but we were all out. My husband and I ran to the store and the store was also completely out of the brand I like. So I decided to try Justin’s.

If you have been in the nut butter (I hate that term, let’s call it NB instead) aisle, you may have seen Justin’s before. They tend to dominate the shelves. They’re a bit pricier than other brands but it was worth it. I bought both the original almond butter and their chocolate hazelnut spread.

justins almond butter

The great thing about Justin’s (I’m not sponsored, I loved it that much) is that there is no separation in the jar. Also, they don’t use as much sugar so you can eat that whole jar guilt-free. A huge plus on the chocolate spread was that unlike other brands they don’t add milk. Since I can’t have dairy the fact that they are certified GF and vegan helps me out a lot.

justin's hazelnut


So on to the recipe! I wanted something easy yet satisfying. So I looked at our fruit and we had organic strawberries and bananas. Listen, I am usually not so strict with the fruits. Yes I know my non-organic strawberries are pumped with chemicals but at the end of the day it’s not a Big Mac. However, my doctor wants me on organic fruits right now.

On this particular day my bananas and strawberries were sad looking. They needed to be eaten stat. I have also discovered one of my local grocery stores sells Genius brand gluten-free bread. LISTEN Y’ALL, if you are gluten free drop that sad frozen excuse for bread and try to find Genius. I first had it when I was overseas and it is the best bread. It tastes like gluten bread. And that’s hard to find. If you are in Ireland or the UK you will have no trouble finding it. As for the US, just ask your local grocer.

Okay for real, on to the recipe.


-Bread of your choosing (Genius for me please)

-NB spread of your choosing

-Fruit of your choosing


Toast the bread, while the bread is toasting chop up your fruit. Bread comes out, NB goes on, fruit goes on top. BOOM. It’s seriously the easiest recipe (if you can call it that, like I said, I am a lazy cook).

chocolate straw

Growing up you might have had peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Think of this as a grown up-ish version. I eat this all the time. It’s so good for a quick breakfast or snack.

Enjoy and I’ll see y’all soon!


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