Essence’s RIDICULOUSLY Cheap Lipsticks part 1

Hello Lovelies! I am ALL about dupes and makeup that costs next to nothing but still looks like a million bucks. So when I wandered into the makeup aisle at Target (as if I don’t live there) I stumbled upon the brand, Essence Cosmetics.

I’m not a newbie to Essence. The first time I toyed with this brand, I had recently graduated high school and was obsessed with changing up my nail polish color. Essence was sold at my local Ulta and as an-almost-poor college student I gravitated toward the less than $2 polishes. The color payoff wasn’t great and my nails chipped almost instantly.

Never one to hold a makeup grudge (even when certain brands have caused rashes or breakouts on my skin), I decided to try the brand again when I heard decent things about their Lash Princess mascara. Instead of the mascara, I gravitated toward the lip products.

Out of all my makeup products, lip products are the ones I’m lacking in. I like my natural lip color, so I usually throw on a lip balm and go. But lately, lip products are EVERYWHERE and I have wholeheartedly jumped on the bandwagon. That being said, when I saw the price of Essence’s lip products and the color selection, I knew I had to try them out. I bought 4 products, all different colors and all different finishes.

This review will be broken up into two posts, mostly because I’m still waiting to try one of the products because I haven’t had a look I wanted to use the color with yet. So let’s jump into it!

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 1.40.35 PM

The first product I tried was the color I was most excited about. This was labeled as Essence’s Longlasting Lipstick in the shade, “On the Catwalk.” Here is the picture at the “beginning” of the day:

before picture

Okay and we’re going to need to ignore my eyebrows in this post, they’re going through a phase.

When I see that a product is labeled as “long lasting” I don’t expect a whole ton from it. I drink a lot of water, I’m constantly snacking, and I have no problems reapplying as needed. That being said, the results were okay. There were some good points and some bad points.

after longlasting

This was at the “end” of the day, which was 4 hours later. I’ll start with the good parts: The stain it left when it mostly rubbed off was beautiful. It wasn’t patchy and had a nice faded color still to it. The bad was that, it rubbed off so quickly. Like I said, I drink a lot of water, but I waited to have a sip for maybe half an hour after application.

I would still use this, however, because I love the color so much. Also, I can just treat it as a lipstick that isn’t long lasting and reapply. For the sake of the review, I didn’t reapply the entire time I was testing it. I give it a 3/5.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 1.41.00 PM

The second and last product I’ll review in this post is labeled as Essence’s Sheer and Shine Lipstick in the shade, “All About Cupcake.” Here is the pic at the beginning of the day:

before shine

Okay let me just say this lipstick was a dark horse. Not only was the lipstick decently moisturizing, the color payoff and the durability was great.

after shine

This picture was several hours later. The lighting was a bit different, so it seems as though more came off than actually did. For the most part the shine was what faded. Honestly, it might be the color I chose since it’s just a tad lighter than my natural lip color.

Whereas I went with a heavier face of makeup for the first product, I went with a more natural finish on this day and this lipstick perfectly suited the look. I have to say, I would buy more in this line with different shades because I loved the sheer and shine aspect. I give it a 4/5

I’ll write a more definitive closing thoughts review when I post the second part later this week. But both of these lipsticks were $2.99 and for that price it’s worth at least trying.

See y’all soon!


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