Product Review: Ardell Lashes

Hello Lovelies! Fake lashes can be terrifying to the inexperienced and experienced alike. I only ever used falsies when I was in competitive cheerleading in high school (and I may have forced my coach to put them on me). Of course, I flinched and the glue got in my eyes. Having red, glue encrusted eyes is not cute when you’re performing a fast-paced routine, or you know, ever. After that I vowed to never wear them again.

Fast forward to this past spring. I decided in the early stages of wedding planning to do my own makeup, as it gave me the perfect excuse to get all new makeup and play around with it for months. I knew to get the look I wanted mascara was not going to cut it, no matter the brand or amount of coats I used.

I asked around to my makeup-loving friends which lashes to use and was told that I had to use Ardell. I thought this was straightforward enough until I ended up facing 40 different options. There is nothing worse than lingering in the beauty department of Target by myself staring at makeup. I always fear that the employees think I’m shoplifting. Every time an employee would walk by I was holding a different product.

I finally found a kit with two pairs, the applicator and a tube of duo glue. I used the style 105 because it was a bit more natural-looking than the alternatives.This kit costs around $6.I thought in the money I saved on this great deal I could use towards a lash transplant if I ripped off all my real lashes. I used the first pair the day of my bridal photo shoot. Here is my review:

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 2.07.25 PM

I found a few tips and tutorials on Pinterest. Before I started my entire makeup application, I took the lashes off the packaging and wrapped them around a thin cylindrical makeup brush to wear the falsies could not overlap. There seems to be slight debate on the order of the steps, but I did my entire eye makeup first.

I then used the applicator to hold the lashes while I applied the glue. I lightly blew on the product for around 30 seconds. Then came the scary part: the actual application. My hand was tremendously shaky and I surprisingly got it right the first try. I then used some more mascara to bond my real lashes with the fake for a seamless look.

Unfortunately, I was not so lucky on the other eye. I definitely messed up and had to redo it several times. I eventually got it, however, and one step away from sties and pink eyes, was ready to go.


So, to reiterate, in this kit, there are the lashes, Duo brand glue, and tweezer-like applicator. I loved the natural look of the falsies. It was perfect for my bridal portraits and the actual day of the wedding. That being said, I wouldn’t be opposed to trying a more dramatic look. The glue itself was okay. I don’t have a ton of experience in this field so I can’t complain all that much. It was white when it came out of the tube, but did dry clear. The white-factor initially scared me, however. I know some glue comes in a darker color and I am willing to try that out to better match my liner.

Now, my least favorite part: the applicator. I know some people might love the way the applicator has a placement spot for your fingers. I hated it. I ended up just using my fingers. I felt like the applicator was an unnecessary middle man that interfered with my sense of spatial awareness. Basically, I was more comfortable using my hands. But props to anyone who can rock the tweezer-like application (actual tweezers may do a better job, as they have more grip and I found the grip to lack dexterity in this particular applicator).

I hope this review helped anyone braving false eyelashes for the first time, or just if anyone is interested in trying Ardell. If you have already tried this product or are going to, please let me know! Happy glamorous eyes!

marie bridal

See y’all soon!






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