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Hello Lovelies! So I had a few posts planned and in the making for this week. Clearly, however, I wasn’t able to get them done. I experienced dehydration for something I’ll explain later. I ended up in the hospital with an IV. I’m perfectly fine, but it sure put a damper in everything.

I ended up missing a few events for work and wasn’t able to finish some of my blog posts. So I started thinking, what is something I could post right away that people would enjoy?

So, I’m cheating. This is a post I wrote for my personal opinion blog (which I have since taken down because I have changed tremendously) back in 2012. I read it recently and made myself laugh. Again, I’ve changed my opinions a bit, but there are actually a few decent points in here. I will post a new fresh post again before next week.

Some things to note: Obviously, this was for my personal blog, and has nothing to do with beauty, etc. But I want to be able to incorporate things like this into this blog. I am from Texas, if that wasn’t clear before, it is in this post. I did some light editing from its original post (mainly grammar things) but it hasn’t changed other than that. Lastly, it was an opinion with a lot of sarcasm thrown in. Enjoy & see y’all soon!


This post was inevitable. We’re getting closer and closer to the elections; you had to have known deep down that I was going to have a post about politics. You just had to have known. I’ll try to keep it as civil as possible, but if you want to jump ship now, I don’t blame you.

I have a problem with these elections. I’m 89% sure it’s because this is the first presidential election in which I’ve been legally eligible to vote. I voted in the state governor election in 2010 and no one bothered me then. I also didn’t pay as close attention because I was just starting college. But when you have Rick Perry as one of the two main options, you don’t really have to pay much attention to know who to vote for. Yet somehow, he was still elected. Thanks Texas Republicans.

For the record, I’m not a Republican. I’m not a Democrat, either. I think both parties are way too corrupt. Actually I think the system is way too corrupt but for some reason I still have a little bit of faith in our leaders. So what’s the point? I’m coming out and saying please please please research everything before you choose to vote or who to vote for. Notice I say “if you choose to vote” because after researching everything you might not want to vote anymore. At this point that’s kind of how I feel. I’m pretty ready when it comes to who I’m voting for, for presidency. But there are things like “Texas Railroad Commissioner” who doesn’t even work with trains! They work with oil, or something.

Also, this isn’t a dictatorship, so it’s not like the president decides everything. Congress has a bit of a say in that. Same with other things. But in case you forgot how electing a president works here’s how:

[apparently there used to be an infographic here, but I couldn’t find it, so, just assume it was me explaining the electoral college]

So that being said, that’s why I think it’s ridiculous. It’s the Electoral College versus the popular vote. I don’t see why we don’t use the popular vote. The Electoral College seems easily rigged to me. I guess that’s to account for all the idiots who will vote for someone based on trivial matters, such as if they play a sport or not. I know someone who is voting Obama because he plays basketball. Seriously? Vote for who you want but at least know something about each candidate.

On a side note, that debate was crazy! Romney was cutting off the moderator every 10 seconds; Obama seemed in a Denver-induced stupor; Big Bird was threatened. But I digress. The commercials are fully propaganda too. There is little fact behind a lot of them and some of the commercials don’t even apply to the districts where they are being broadcasted.

So get informed, get educated, and please don’t vote for someone just because they play basketball.



3 thoughts on “Updates, elections etc.

  1. Totally agree, when a vote is needed it’s usually for an important matter so choosing sensibly is a must! As for the US election, I think it’s more choosing from the best of a bad bunch. Either way it must be done and you never know, they might surprise people 😀


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