Welcome, Y’all!

Hello lovelies and welcome to the official launch of Dew It Yourself!

I posted a July 4th look and then my blog went into radio silence. Well, that’s because I wanted to see what I needed to work on before I “officially” started my blog.

I set out to bring makeup tutorials, reviews, fashion pieces, and basically all things beauty. Now that I’ve given it more thought, while I want to stick with those components as the base to my blog, I also want to include personal life updates and other things that I enjoy. I never want to pigeonhole myself in.

I also love love love shooting and editing video. I have minimal resources but I will do my best when I can to incorporate video.

My goal is to put out 2-3 posts per week. I’m still trying to work out a consistent schedule. While I muse on that, just be on the lookout for posts and thank you for bearing with me.

Overall, I am very excited to get started on this passion project of mine and I hope y’all love it as much as I do!

See y’all soon!


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