Poolside Party

Every 4th of July I find myself torn on what I should wear. It seems pointless to get glammed up when I know I’m going to be poolside and eating BBQ all day. Yet, every year I find myself gravitating toward the American-flag themed shorts and tanks. Most years, however, I find I stop swimming after dinnertime and think about which dessert to consume while I wait for the fireworks display.

Fear not, Patriotic Pals and Gals. I’ve experienced this problem enough times to have figured out a solution that will have you standing up and saluting. It’s the age-old switching up your look from the pool to the party.

If you are going to be swimming or just outside in general for the first part to your fourth, it is essential to protect your skin. But covering up doesn’t mean you can’t look like an American dream.

No makeup 4th

I bought this hat from Target in the dollar section. It cost $3 and says “America” on it. I’ve also been breaking out lately and don’t want to risk clogging my pores anymore than usual, so I have been adamant about wearing a specially formulated face lotion with SPF. On the rest of my body I always stick to a sunscreen with a minimum of 15. Always reapply as needed and if you are more prone to sunburn, wear sunscreen with a higher SPF.


After you get out of the pool you may not have the time, energy or means to go all-out with your makeup, especially if you’re not at your own home. It’s a good idea to take a small makeup bag with you. For my party look, I did a light full face of makeup and only used a small amount of products.

all the makeup 4th

For my face, I chose a lightweight BB cream. I used Maybelline’s because they include an SPF and I know I still tend to go in and out of the house. For my eye look I went with a nude eye shadow look with waterproof mascara and winged eyeliner. You can opt for none, some or all of these eye products. I didn’t want to go too dramatic on my eyes because I wanted my red lips to steal the show. I followed with a matte face powder and light blush. Especially in the heat, it is important to use a setting spray to keep your makeup from becoming one oily mess.

The keys to this look are:

I hope these looks help you out! You can always tweak these looks to make them even more 4th of July worthy. Have fun and Happy 4th!


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